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ADHD, Autism & Mood Disorder

Mood Disorders - A mood disorder is a mental health condition that primarily affects your emotional state. It's a disorder in which you experience long periods of extreme happiness, extreme sadness or both. Certain mood disorders involve other persistent emotions, such as anger and irritability. Mood disorders can be treated through numerous methods such as psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and others

Autism - Autism can be treated with a different number of therapeutic interventions depending on the client’s needs. CBT, behavioral therapy, social skill training and play therapy are just some of the helpful interventions that can be used.

ADHD - Therapy for ADHD teaches study skills, emotion skills, or attention skills, such as mindful breathing. Therapists can also teach social skills to help people get along better with others. ADHD can also be treated with CBT and other therapeutic modalities.