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Evaluations & Counseling for Bariatric Surgery

In the past couple of years weight loss surgery (gastric bypass and lap banding) have become very effective treatments for morbid obesity. I provide mental health clearance evaluations for weight loss surgery. A mental health evaluation is a prerequisite for the surgeries. As part of the evaluation, I also provide ongoing counseling after the surgery to help ensure mental health and successful and healthy weight loss.

Do I need a psychological evaluation for weight-loss surgery?

It is required by the national Institute of health that all patients get a mental health clearance evaluation before bariatric surgery will be done. The mental health clearance evaluation ensures that you're mentally able to make a decision to have the surgery, understand the consequences of your decision to have the surgery and have no serious psychological conditions that would prohibit you from getting the surgery.

What psychological conditions might cause me not to be able to have the surgery?

Some psychological disorders that might indicate weight-loss surgery is not in your best interest are issues with body image, anorexia or other eating disorders. Anxiety and depression would not normally disqualify you for the weight loss surgery.

How long is the mental health clearance evaluation?

The evaluation takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Does my insurance pay for the evaluation?

Insurance does not usually pay for the evaluation. It is usually not covered under mental health benefits.

How much does the evaluation cost?

The cost is $85 for the evaluation.

What happens after the evaluation?

We will fax a letter to your provider indicating the results of the evaluation. We also provide a copy of the letter to the client. The client is responsible for scheduling the follow up session with us.