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New Mothers Can Count On Us for Therapy for Postpartum Depression in Turnersville, NJ

Are you struggling to bond with your baby after bringing them into the world? As a new mother, you’re likely experiencing a range of emotions—happiness, fear, anxiety—and each one of those feelings are completely valid. But sometimes, mothers can go to a dark place as they struggle with postpartum depression. If you feel like you can’t get past feelings of sadness and restlessness, you may want to turn to the team at A Better Tomorrow Counseling Services. Let us show you what makes us the provider you can trust in Turnersville, New Jersey, for therapy for postpartum depression.  

Little Known Facts About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is experienced by many mothers but often not discussed. Here are a few facts about postpartum depression that you may not know: 

  • It's common – Postpartum depression is more common than many people realize, affecting approximately 1 in 8 new mothers. Despite its prevalence, the stigma surrounding mental health can prevent women from seeking help. 

  • It can impact the entire family – Postpartum depression doesn't just affect the mother; it can also have a significant impact on her partner and children. Relationships may become strained, and children may experience disruptions in bonding and attachment. 

  • It's not just "baby blues" – While it's normal to experience mood swings and emotional ups and downs after childbirth, postpartum depression is more severe. Symptoms may include persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, and difficulty bonding with your baby. 

The Impact of Therapy

It isn’t always easy to diagnose postpartum depression, as many of the symptoms, such as fatigue, changes in appetite, and mood swings, can overlap with normal postpartum experiences or other mental health conditions. But if you believe that what you’re feeling isn’t normal, you should trust your gut and reach out to A Better Tomorrow Counseling Services to learn more about our therapy for postpartum depression. We’re proud to work with mothers across Turnersville, NJ, and would love to help you next.