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Kristin Dalzell, LAMFT

Clients want dignified and empathetic experiences of therapy where they are always treated with respect, actively listened and attuned into, and engage in a safe space, and therapeutic alliance created by the therapist. When meeting with Kristin, clients will enjoy completing integrative in-session and between-session creative therapeutic activities, engaging in relaxation and self-care techniques, and receiving feedback as well as providing feedback for therapist while actively pursuing their journeys/goals in life.

Relationship therapies have been her passion from early childhood and from the first time she heard her parents arguing venomously with each other from her childhood room. Working within relationship systems and the intimate world of lovers, excites her, provokes her intimate Self passions, and has been pivotal to her experience of life and journey to date.

Ideal clients are wanting to process their thoughts and feelings in weekly therapy surrounding issues with any relationships topic, trauma, or recovery and how those relationships topics, traumas, or recovery challenges pertain to their relationships with themselves, the systems of relationships they are involved in, daily levels of happiness, effective communication with others, and functioning in their worlds. 

"We tell people about their effects on us. We hear people’s stories of pain and we cry with them. And when they recognize that self-hatred or despair is not them, but a problem that had become internalized, we rejoice. When Madeline told me, in a trembling voice, that, for the first time, that she understood she deserved to have a say in her life, that the internalized 'voice of torture' no longer determined her every move, and told of treating herself to a local restaurant to celebrate, a tremendous pleasure stayed with me for days. I feel that pleasure again every time I pass the restaurant or revisit the memory. I’ve told Madeline what this has meant to me and our combined telling have become a combined experience that helps her fight the voice of torture and helps me in authoring my story as a therapist. Knowing that we can be on such teams makes life and work very rich, indeed.” 

- Freedman & Combs, 1996, p. 288